On Site Staff Training & Certification

Florida Food Safety Systems is now offering COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitizing classes for restaurants and other hospitality businesses – learn more here.

Florida Food Safety Systems makes training, testing and certification of your staff easy and convenient. Our team of certified instructors and proctors work with you to schedule class times and location around the needs of your business. Classes can be held on-site at your location, or can be held at an off-site location to not disrupt your regular daily business. We can even arrange for multiple class times and venues to accommodate the needs of your employees, even scheduling live one-on-one virtual classes online.

Food Handler Training

The State of Florida requires all employees working directly with food to obtain a food handler card. The food handler class is a condensed version of the Certified Food Manager training. This is a group class that usually takes a few hours, but can be held privately.

Food Manager Certification

Our instructors are certified to teach and proctor both the ServSafe Food Manager Course and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Course. This in depth class covers all aspects of food safety in relation to a commerical kitchen. This a usually a one-on-one class that usually takes a few hours. 

Responsible Vendor Alcohol Training

Although not mandated by the State of Florida, providing proof that your staff has participated in a Responsible Vendor Training may result in a price reduction of your liability insurance. This is a group class that usually takes an hour. 

When you partner with Florida Food Safety Systems, we train your staff so that your kitchen will do food safety the right way!


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